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Design Philosophy

The Bella Sound  approach is to begin any new design with a unique and novel foundation. This is because standard circuit topologies ultimately reach their maximum potential with the help of expensive parts and processes, beyond which they cannot excel further. It is the goal of Bella Sound  to excel further, to remove the veil left behind by the design limitations of the prior art, and to do this we must lay a better foundation.

This starts with architectural designs that support the power, attack, bandwidth, and coherence of audio signals while suppressing non-linearity, timbre coloration, and delay dispersion - all that supports and nothing that detracts.

While this sounds like textbook engineering, Bella Sound  does not stop here. We tap into a rich legacy of audio engineering art with strong theory/art interchange, together with countless hours of auditioning to achieve the exquisitely unveiled and pristine listening room result that sounds more like a reenactment of the music than a mere reproduction of it.

Why take our word for it when you can try our products with our no risk Audition Policy.

Audition Policy

Bella Sound  wants you to experience the unveiling of your music first hand. We understand that no words or testimonials are a substitute for hearing our products in your own system. That’s why we offer a 10-day no risk audition period to test drive our products. If you are not blown away, simply return the product in “as new” condition for a full refund.1

1.  Bella Sound LLC  will exercise its sole discretion in determining the condition of returned merchandise for the purpose of refund eligibility. Customers who choose to return merchandise will be responsible for all shipping charges and payment method fees.


All Bella Sound  products are protected against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of three years. For full details please request a copy of the Bella Sound Limited Warranty.

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About Bella Sound

The essence of Bella Sound  is in its name: Beautiful Sound. It is a symphony of both science and art uniquely combined to remove the veil from recorded music playback. This was the dream and brainchild of Mike Vice for 50 years, and it is now a reality.

Educated in physics and electrical engineering at UC Berkeley and Stanford, with decades of experience beyond that and over 40 patents, Mike pours all of that into very new approaches to the design of high-end audio playback equipment. When these designs are married to the best parts and materials available, with copious listening experiments, something unique occurs. The listener becomes lost in a captivating rendition of dimensionality and detail, without any forfeiture of fluidity, beauty, or musicality. Traditional designs simply cannot be taken to this level, regardless the expense for exotic and boutique parts.

A growing family of components includes amplifiers, power conditioners and AC cables. Nothing enters the product line that cannot live up to the standard we set for ourselves, to unveil the music like nothing before ever has. Any one of these can transform a system; in combination they can transform the listener.

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