Kaula 2 AC Cable

Beauty and Realism
in Lush Proportions

  • Rock Stable, Enormous Sound Stage
  • Absolutely No Signature or Coloration
  • Elegantly Designed – Richly Imbued
  • Bybee Inspired Enhanced Quantum Purification Core Technology
  • Last Inch Noise Treatment Firewall
  • Standard Length is Two Meters. Custom Lengths Available Upon Request.
  • Schuko Plug Termination Available Upon Request
  • Precision Hand Made in USA
  • 5500 USD (for 2 meter length and US wall plug / custom lengths in 0.5 meter increments at $500 per meter, 1 meter minimum, Schuko wall plug add $100)
  • Reviews:
  • The enhanced sense of space and atmosphere produced by the Kaula 2's, not to mention the 3-D clarity, proved exhilarating.
  • The sound was more distinguishable and focused...This allowed me to simply relax and experience the full expression of how the musicians intended to sound.
    ~ Moreno Mitchell
  • I have used well known and much more expensive power cable brands with varying success only to realize that the Bella Sound Kaula 2 AC cable reigns supreme.
    ~ Dan Secula
  • What Customers are Saying:
  • I’ve been in this crazy hobby for over 70 years and in spite of that my ears seem to be working quite well. So, in a way I feel qualified to have at least a rational and tested opinion on what I hear. To that end, I have listened, purchased and been happy with many pieces of equipment. We obviously purchase equipment to better the end result we all strive for. In my case I’ve been ‘polishing the apple’ many times over. I’ve heard improvements both minor and large, and try to consolidate the positives in a synergetic ‘plus’ for the overall end result. Sometimes this may take years to accomplish. Sometimes much sooner. It is rare that an improvement can be almost immediate and of a large and encompassing scale.
  • I have found such a rarity. Recently, I felt a need to look into updating my power cords that I use with my Audionet Heisenberg Amplifiers. I had heard of a company called Bella Sound and the things I was hearing about their only product the Kuala 2 Power Cable were very positive. I decided to try the cable on my amplifiers and was ‘Gobsmacked’ at what I immediately heard. Within almost seconds of the initial listen I was hearing better bass extension, soundstage width, as well top end, that was better defined and extended. After a serious two week evaluation, I found that virtually everything was improving in not so subtle ways. I ordered my permanent pair of cables for the Heisenbergs and subsequently decided to order an additional pair for the preamp ( Audionet Stern) and the Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC. Things were about to change on a ‘global’ system level.
  • Rather than waxing on, I think it may be better to just outline the improvements in an item by item list with no particular order priority. All improvements are of almost equal weight.
    • A great increase in soundstage width in the magnitude of 20-30%.
    • A commensurate increase in soundstage depth of like magnitude.
    • A greater precision of instrument positioning within the soundstage.
    • A better defined scale of players and instruments both in height and width as well as front to back depth.
    • Much tighter and controlled bass along with impact.
    • Much better definition of bass subtleties, very nuanced!
    • A very much extended top end without any overemphasis or harshness. Very sweet and delicate!
    • A very pronounced improvement in dynamics on a micro and macro level. At times a very startling and real quality.
    • If the recording has it, this cable releases a sense of acoustic space that is almost unbelievable.
    • The cable releases a sense of holographic positional awareness that at times will place you in the environment of the recorded venue.
    • An overwhelming sense of musicality. Truly beautiful!
  • I obviously think this is a remarkable product. At least in my system it has shown itself as truly exceptional! In my many years in this unpredictable hobby I cannot think of a single major item of equipment or tweek that has had such a profound impact. I now have 7 Bella Cable Kuala 2’s in my system. Enough said!
    ~ Don R.