Hana Power Conditioner

    • Incoming Noise Filtration: Classic filter design has been used in power conditioners for many years. Though they can work to advantage if carefully designed, they usually react with the customer’s equipment, making them vary dependent on the external equipment they power. This is because the load equipment can detune the filters in the power conditioner at specific audio frequencies, resulting in coloration at these frequencies. At Bella Sound,  we use load independent filtering, meaning that the filter performance is completely independent of the equipment being powered. There is no coloration or compromise over the entire audio frequency range, ever.
    • RF Interference: In a world saturated with radio, wifi, and cell phone signals, much of this RF noise can ingress through the AC grid and house wiring. If allowed to enter the audio components, performance will suffer. Bella Sound  has taken steps to address this problem with damped shielding that acts to convert this noise into micro amounts of heat, alongside a formidable noise-reflecting shield that doubles as a gorgeous product package.
    • Inter-Component Current Loop Noise: When multiple pieces of equipment are connected together at their common AC power connections, there is inevitable noise current that passes between the respective components. Regardless of the careful design of these components, this loop current noise will find its way into the signal path and become audible. At Bella Sound,  we include a copious amount of quantum noise treatment at each wire of each AC outlet. Between each powered component, at each of the three AC connection wires, loop currents must pass through two quantum purifiers (there are 27 purifiers in all). Each component in the audio system operates as if it were the only component, and this results in a substantially blacker background from which sound emerges, and a substantially more stable and cohesive sound stage.
    • Inter-Component Signal Leakage Coupling: Bella Sound  has discovered that very small amounts of signal current leak into and out of the AC power connection wires of the various components in an audio system. When these leakage currents are left untreated, they contaminate the pristine audio signal path and degrade the listening experience. The extensive quantum purification network at the output of the Bella Sound  Hana power conditioner addresses this problem and quiets its effect on the signal path, resulting in a more liquid, organic, and natural sound presentation.
    • Though not strictly necessary, surge protection is an asset to any power conditioner, provided that it does not affect the listening experience in any way. At Bella Sound,  we use a capacitor / gas discharge tube approach first designed by John Curl. What sets this approach apart is that, while effectively protecting the user equipment, it offers absolutely no coloration or compression to the sound, unlike approaches the place protection devices in the AC current path.

    • Limited efficiency (15 Amps out from a 20 Amp input line)
    • Noise generation (ironically, the active approach generates self-noise)
    • Inevitable sound coloration
    • Stability problems in combination with certain load equipment choices


  • Material Resonance Signal Treatment, noise damping and traditional RF filtering techniques achieve unparalleled sonic efficacy in home audio playback systems
  • Provides an incredibly black and stable sonic foundation, without the slightest hint of coloration
  • Performance is completely independent of load equipment
  • Cryogenically treated hookup wire throughout
  • 100% passive design results in zero transient current restriction
  • All milled chassis with half inch floor plate provides vibration free foundation
  • Thick polished stainless cover for excellent shielding with striking beauty
  • Hard maple faceplate, black finished with polished stainless inlay
  • Materials and workmanship provide the highest possible level of look and feel
  • Precision Hand Made in USA
  • 12,000 USD
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    • Input Connector: 15A IEC, Available 20A IEC
    • Output Connectors: 8 Single US 15A
    • Total Output Current: 15A, 20A with 20A IEC
    • Dimensions: 19.3” W x 5.5” H x 15.7” D
    • Weight: 44 lbs

  • Reviews
  • The positive qualities of the Hana conditioner were immediately obvious...This absence [of noise] makes itself known in subtle but important ways. I've already mentioned dynamics. The Hana also delivers a deeper soundstage, more separation of instruments on the stage, and unmasks low level detail. This more engaging presentation had the effect of drawing you further into the performance...The Hana is one of the best power conditioners I've yet heard.